The Haverford College ‘Ford S-Chords

The Haverford College ‘Ford S-Chords are an all-gender tenor-bass a cappella group at Haverford College. We are dedicated to BOTH sounding good and having fun, having performed music by the likes of Lake Street Dive, Hozier, Charlie Puth, Dua Lipa, Nao, Rex Orange County, AURORA, Allen Stone, Rina Sawayama, and even more. 


The ‘Ford S-Chords were formed in the year 874 AD as a group of Benedictine monks, who inhabited caves in the Swiss Alps and led lives of pious asceticism. This grew tiresome, however, and through the years, they evolved into a roving band of drunken thieves who would join together in song after a long day of pillaging. The very poor quality of these first attempts did not bode well for the group’s future. Indeed, it was many centuries before the S-Chords’ sound would evolve into a state that was even remotely pleasant. In recent decades, however, the group has steadily improved, to the extent that some audiences will actually sit through an entire concert. While the rest of the world was quarantined, the S-Chords studied music intensely under the tutelage of Zamfir in Austria. They are currently collaborating with master on an album entitled “A Capanflute,” which is due out in the spring but will not be available in stores.

More seriously, we were formed in the 1980’s by a group of singers who were rejected by the then-stuffy Humtones (another Haverford a cappella group). Our traditional overalls and bare feet were chosen as an intentional contrast to the shirt and tie dress code of the Humtones. Since then, we and the Humtones have (mostly) resolved our differences, and have even been known to have a joint show every now and then!

Join Us!

We hold auditions every fall. Check back here in September, or contact us for more information about being a member of our group!